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June 14, 2005


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Paul Turner

Well i always say innocent untill proven guilty. And we were able to see what went on in the court. Sky news did a very good re inactment of the case and you could tell who was lying and who wasnt. Ok there are a couple of sides to this and i have put this across on radio myself. Firstly gavin arviso and others are out to get what they can out of jacko. The whole arviso family are all cheating frausters, liars and that was certainly proved a few times if you had seen the trial. Secondly take a look at it this way. Michael Jackson isnt totally normal we all know that but he didn't have a childhood either. He was making songs while he was a kid so he hasnt grown up. Now he has had children in his bed and im not saying that is right because its not but does he know the difference if he still thinks he's a kid. No one will ever know if he ever touched any of the kids or not but he was proved innocent so that is the correct answer. i wont stop playing his music on the radio and if that offends people then hard luck they dont have to listen to my show.


You're the BEST, the GREATEST and I agree with EVERYTHING you say!!!


I agree with you 100%, except for maybe the part where you said MJ isn't white... LOL.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is guilty of Something, who knows what exactly, but I also agree with the jury on why they weren't able to convict him of anything. It does basically come down to money in this country and frankly, the prosecution choked. I also fear that single and poor mothers are going to continue to "believe" in his innocence and find ways to send their young sons off to Neverland for a fun getaway from the ghetto. Obviously any responsible parent of a young teenage boy wouldn't do that, but there are plenty of irresponsible gold digging stupid parents out there. It makes me sick to think about and my hope is that MJ will learn from all of this and re-think his ways. Maybe his plastic surgeon can recommend a good therapist. Whatever the outcome of the trial, he has not been a very exemplary role model. That man has issues and I wouldn't send my 14 year old son to Neverland for anything in the world.

So the justice system prevailed I guess. He was innocent until proven guilty. Still he makes my skin crawl.

Q: Do you know what the difference is between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?

A: One is small and white and you don't want your kids to play with it, and the other one is a grocery bag.

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